• xTool Screen Printer 1st Screen Printing Solution for Laser Machines- Basic Kit

Reinvent Home Screen Printing with Laser

Reinventing the Traditional Process

Way Faster Than Ever

Coated Screen with EasyStretch Frame Design Ready in 30s

Experience the Incredible Laser-Speed

Extreme Detail at Industrial Level

Lossless Printing Quality, Finer Reproduction

Precise, Effortless Multicolor Overprinting

Quick-Release Frame Clamp, 10-Second Fast Switch

3-axis Micro Registration, Easier Tiny Adjustment

Screen Printing, the Most Artistic Printing Method

Batch Processing,

Each with a Unique Touch


The screen printer needs to be used with a laser machine.

The xTool M1 and xTool F1 are not compatible with the Screen Printer Multi-color Kit, you may opt for the Basic Kit instead.

Introducing the xTool Screen Printer

Traditional Approach

The xTool Screen Printer brings the time honored craft of screen printing into the 21st Century. From the very first screen printing dating back to about the year 1000 CE, to the iconic 1962-1964 Marilyn Monroe series of prints by Andy Warhol, screen printing has enhanced and influenced art, fashion and culture and continues to do so today.The process of screen printing has remained intricate and time consuming until now. With the introduction of the xTool Screen Printer, it’s no longer necessary to work with layers of sticky photo emulsion, film sheets, and darkroom developing. No more washing the screens with high pressure water and screen cleansing chemicals. The xTool Screen Printer has found a way to blend the joy of creating a screen print together with the ease of modern technology.

xTool's Solution with Laser

Traditional screen printing is expensive, time consuming and requires a lot of space. Many people have a desire to create, but are intimidated by the complex process, equipment and clean-up. In the recent 18 months of trials and development, we have finally succeeded in making an innovative product that makes screen printing accessible to all. During our internal testing, 80 participants with all skill levels were incredibly successful at creating prints with the xTool Screen Printer!


Can we use other screens on the xTool frame?

We use stainless steel screens, coated with photosensitive adhesive for curing, and the edges are wrapped in paper. Therefore, if we can make a wire mesh of the same size and specification according to this method, it can be placed inside the frame.

Is it possible to offer blank screens where we can add emulsion ourselves and laser it?

If you are already a professional screen printing enthusiast, you can try to remove the coating and then add emulsion again. Because our coating composition is completely consistent with the coating on the common screen - they are all cured with photosensitive glue. The main purpose of screen printing machines is to meet the needs of beginners to get started quickly, so we will persist in finding ways to lower the entry threshold for beginners.

Is the screen reusable or only for a single use?

Each laser-engraved screen is capable of supporting at least a hundred prints. xTool's screen can be reused just like any other screen available on the market. xTool's Screens are constructed with a commonly used 100 mesh stainless steel and a fully exposed photosensitive emulsion to ensure durability. Our Pre-coated Screens are designed to provide a more convenient first-time screen printing experience for all users, particularly starters at home, with each laser-engraved screen capable of supporting at least a hundred print

Can the screens be cleaned and reclaimed?

Yes, it can be cleaned and reclaimed. The screen plate we produce is made by using stainless steel mesh coated with photosensitive emulsion for curing, cutting into suitable shapes, and then wrapping the edges with paper. Therefore, the coating of the screen plate has the same characteristics as other screen printing screen plate coatings. So, if you are willing, you can use a mold release agent suitable for ordinary stencils to remove the film from the xTool stencil, peel off the coating on it, and then use photosensitive adhesive to recoat and solidify the stencil. and we don't sell emulsion.

Does the Multi-Color Suit work with the M1 and F1?
Since multi-color cases require positioning operations, we recommend that the M1 and F1 be purchased with a single-color set.

xTool Screen Printer 1st Screen Printing Solution for Laser Machines- Basic Kit

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Reinvent Home Screen Printing with LaserReinventing the Traditional ProcessWay Faster Than Ever..

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