Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before accessing, acquiring or using any of the materials, products or services provided by 3dMax. These terms apply to all the people and users who access our website.


All the prices (unless mentioned) do not include delivery and shipment fees. The goods are only supplied and packed in the purchase price and exclude all kinds of installations and maintenance.

The prices may be revised before accepting orders or any time without a notice.

The purchase price is in New Zealand dollars and includes GST within New Zealand. Besides this, other relevant taxes and duties, as well as insurance, delivery and handling expenses, will be reviewed through the final invoice.

A quotation does not imply it’s a contract, until you have placed an order which has been subsequently accepted.

Payment Terms:

Your order must be paid in full for before the delivery can take place. If you are using a part pay option like Layby, Afterpay etc you need to pay to the service prvider as per your agreed installments in time.


All freight costs are excluded from the purchase unless stated otherwise. If we have agreed to transport the goods to an area, then we will make all arrangements for that.

If no location for delivery is mentioned, then the delivery shall take place when the required information is available.

We will make our best effort to ship the goods as per listed timeline but there is no certainty about the time of delivery as it depends upon the courier service provider. No specific time is given for the delivery, so we hope and request that there will be no objections from your side in case of delayed delivery.

 Please note shipment is a service once booked or used it cannot be changed or refunded.

Returns, Refunds and Cancelled Orders:

For returning goods, you must have a Goods Return Authority issued. However, that does not guarantee that we will accept them.

·         Change of Mind/ Buying the wrong product: In case of a change of mind or purchasing the incorrect item, there will be no refund or exchange.

·         If we agreed to return a product the shipping cost to be born by the buyer

·         Used products will not be returned until there is a manufacturing issue proved and the manufacturer is agreed to take a return. Some products which required to be sealed such as Filaments and Resins will not be returned if opened. 

If an inaccurate product has been provided to you, we will make arrangements so that you receive the right goods you purchased or issue a credit or refund. For the incorrect product to be returned it must be unopened and the return should take place within a week of shipment or as mutually agreed

·         Goods damaged during transportation: In this case, you need to notify us within 48 hours so we can open a claim with the courier service provider. You need to provide us evidence/photographs to lodge this claim.

·         Faulty Products: If your product is faulty, then you must claim it to the manufacturer under warranty. Where possible 3D max will assist you to lodge your claim or get technical support or provide replacement parts.

All our products are DIY, we expect our customers to have reasonable technical skills to assemble products and install parts. 

·         Faulty products during the warranty period: If there is some fault in your product while it is still in the warranty period please claim through manufacturer’s warranty. 3D Max will provide any further guideline if required.

·         Test Costs and Shipment Charges: In case of a product return that is in perfect condition, the buyer will be responsible for all the testing fees, freight and insurance charges that may apply.

·         Wholesale Customers: In case of special circumstances, for example, when goods are bought on  a large scale by consumers, we may agree on the return of perfectly functioning products. There will be a handling fee that equals 20 percent of the purchased products' value. Shipment and assembly charges are not refunded.


Ownership of the products belongs to the customer after the delivery of the goods. Our printers and supplies are intend to be used for hobby, art, educational, trade or industrial purposes 3DMax Ltd. will bear no responsibility of misuse or illegal use of our products.


In accordance with the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993:

If the products are for your own use, then everything is according to what is mentioned in the above Refunds, Returns and Cancelled Orders section.

But if you have bought the products for commercial or marketing purpose, then in such a scenario:

·         You must agree that the Act does not apply.

·         We shall not offer you any type of reconstruction efforts or additional features.

·         You agree that we provide no express warranties.

These terms and conditions conform to all the provisions of the Act. However, we are not liable for a claim that is not mentioned in Consumer Guarantee Act, Sale of Goods Act or any other local legislation. This also includes all sorts of guarantees, warranties (excluding negligence and mishandling as well).

Warranty Period: 

We offer warranty only for the period as supplied/advertised by the manufacturers, we dont provide any additional warranty independent of the manufacturer 

General warranty period is 12 months from the date of the purchase

Mechanical parts such as Extruder, Hotend and cooling fans have only 3 months warranty 

Creality SLA printers print screen only has 3 months warranty 

Consumable items such as hotbed platform, nozzles, FEP film, VAT kit have no warranty once used 

Materials e.g. filaments and resins have no warranty

Laser modules have one year or their rated lifecycle warrantly, whichever comes first. 

Please refer to the below details for Creality SLA printers warranty:

Warranty Policy

1-year Limited Warranty since the date of product purchase.

6-months Limited Part Warranty for UV light.

3-months Limited Part Warranty for Print Screen.

No Warranty for the Release Film and Product Gift (U disk, Screwdriver, Paper funnel, Brush, etc.)

What Is Covered?

Any defects in material, workmanship of product will be covered until you provide any relating documents and information,

including but not limited to:

User of the product are in the country of purchase

Defective product is a CREALITY product

Proof of Purchase

What Is Not Covered?

CREALITY does not guarantee the service as a result of:

1. The proof of purchase being altered or made illegible.

2. The product label or serial number on the product being altered or made illegible.

3. Normal wear of accessories or consumables for use as release film.

4. Malfunction or damage caused by personal retrofitting, or improper installation and usage.

5. Malfunction or damage caused by use in non-recommended working environments.

6. Malfunction or damage caused by overuse (overload) or wrong maintenance (damp, mildew, etc.)

7. Malfunction or damage caused by Force Majeure (fire hazard, earthquake, lightning and floods, etc.)

8. Malfunction or damage caused by the use of other brand parts or consumable.

Overdue Payment:

If the price is not paid until the given date, a default penalty is charged at the rate of 2.5% per month, until the payment you owe is given, including any GST.

All costs regarding late payments, or overdue payment are paid by the customers (including lawyers and court costs and disbursements).

Event of Default:

For an individual, default is termed as

●     If you are unable to follow any of the terms or conditions.

●     If you are involved in the act of bankruptcy

●      If you have any kind of arrangement with your creditor

If you are a company:

·         You perform any act that would hold you answerable for liquidation

·         In case a decision has been made to liquidate

·         If there is a statutory manager who is appointed on your valuables

In case of such a situation, we can suspend/ terminate the contract. All payments will become due at the instant, ignoring the due date.

Right to Contact/ User information:

We have a right to obtain and give any information about you from another person and to another person, respectively. This may include debt collection agencies and you must accept this for business purposes.

It is important to inform us of any change that may take place in your contact information.

Limitation of liabilities:

We are not held liable for any type of delays or messes that may occur during our work in fulfilling the conditions of the contract. If any damage or loss of business profits or data may occur, we are not responsible.

We are only responsible for the payment of the products we offer and the accompanying services that are provided by us.

If in case of scenarios that are not under our control, then we are let free from our obligations under the contract or until further notice. These scenarios may include a strike, riots, industrial action, natural disasters, operation of law, etc.

Our printers, laser machines and supplies are intend to be used for hobby, art, educational, trade or industrial purposes 3DMax Ltd. will bear no responsibility of misuse or illegal use of our products.


The value of indemnity due to any damage or loss caused by faulty equipment shall not exceed 10% of the purchased equipment value.


In case of waiving of anything from the agreement or the contract, it must be provided in writing and also duly approved by an authorised personnel. If we fail to provide any service to our customers, we will try our best not to let it harm our customers and business in any way in the future.


You are not allowed to direct any of your rights or transfer them to another person without formal written permission first.

Governing Law:

All the terms and conditions stated in this contract are in accordance with the New Zealand’s laws. Both us and the customers submit to the supreme authority of the courts of the country.